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free more time to focus on your business

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Hi, I'm Jae.

I help entrepreneurs in several industries with the backend of their business so they can focus on what's most important:


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I provide a managed service experience that provides my clients dedicated assistance, several tested success strategies, a surrounding team for support, and I will be your virtual assistant or social media account manager to streamline communication, tasks, file sharing and content creations.

For a low monthly fixed price, you’re getting a dedicated Virtual Assistant (VA) or Social Media Account Manager to work on as much as you’d like, just like having an in-office team member who is available to take on work for you whenever you need help. Starting at just $499/mo, you will get a truly unlimited support.

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I love all things Instagram andy youtube and enjoy supporting my clients so your business can run more smoothly without that feeling of overwhelm. It’s time to leave the stress behind and hire someone you can trust.

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INTRODUCING ME, and this is my story

I’m Jae, I'm Married with two Dogs, An African Massive & A Pitbull

I am Haitian, & Lives in Florida!

My background in event planning, recreation for seniors, customer service and administration, combined with my work ethic, intrinsic curiosity for learning new things, and passion for visual, have allowed me to develop strong organizational and creative skills that will serve you in running and growing your business in the beauty and real estate industry. I’m a natural problem solver, and I can’t wait to connect with you!

here's why i would love to help you

l'union fait la force

it's simple! "Union is Power!" You don't have to do this alone. I will be your biggest Busines Cheerleader



Handle Calls, Manage CRM, Manage Internal Communications, Respond To Emails, Make Travel Arrangements. & More...

Create & Post Content. Nurture Engagement Channels. Remain in social trends & grow social media presence

Real Estate Agents General Duty. I am Licensed In SW FL currently active and dues paid. Contact me for more info

Can you relate?

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▽ Until now, you’ve been able to wear all the hats in your business; lately you can’t shake the overwhelming feeling that you can’t keep up.

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▽ Your administrative tasks are sucking the joy out of your work, and you want to get back to your passion — there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

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▽ You have the vision, game-changing ideas and goals to grow your business, but technology isn’t your thing, and you’re starting to feel STUCK.

what if I told you there was a better way...

Spend less time creating content and more time doing things you love. social media is always and forever changing budgeting your virtual assistant is reinforcement to make sure you continue to stay ahead. Plus these vacations aren't going to take themselves. It's that to maximize and finally spend time in areas that make the most difference. My calendar will fill up before the end of the month, this is your chance to bet on you!

Imagine what you could achieve with all the additional time!



Select a package of choice & I will create your content for you. You can select to have the files sent directly to you or have me post your content for you so you can free your time.

My clients are less stressed and less overwhelmed knowing they have someone who’s got their back. If you’re craving support that will help you scale, then let’s collaborate on the exciting business journey ahead of you!




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Manage your calendar, emails, leads, social media channels, online store, business data entry. Chat, Fax & More. Contact Us!

All Designs Are made to elevate your brand's business presence globally together we can create a legacy!

Time is money! and automation id the key to success. leave the simple tasks to our AI or myself and get more time to focus on your business


normal: $2500


Everything you need to run a professional business. Monthly Action meeting planning to drive traffic & brand awareness

  • Full Branding Templates
  • 90 days Custom Templates + website
  • Short & Long Form Editing

save $300



Hire me for just what you need. Do you have a deadline? Are you trying to meet goal. I can help you today!

  • Great For Business Professional
  • Must be admin work
  • Must Book Minimum 4 hours



Get Daily Admin work, 5 days a week for 30 days. Great for daily engagement emails calls, specific backend tasks.


on sale

Your social media feed is the face of your business. Work with to create a beautiful feed that attract customers!



Order Your Easy Instagram Post & Reels Templates and Add your branding fonts and colors. Change graphic and more!



I will edit and repurpose your long form and short form videos with captions and transitions. I will also do short versions.


are you the right client?



If you need someone to be present in a office space or remote on camera. Most of my services are offered are deliverables.


Your Brand represents Race, Politics, Religion, Sex, or anything armful. I will kindly decline all work that I do not represent my brand


Lack communication, respect & common sense. We ask tat you please signing our client agreement before booking.


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You are a Hair, Make up, Beauty, Fashion, Solo Entrepreneur with 0-500 or less than 10K Followers

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You have launched your online business or you became a notary, health advisors, a realtor or other professions and need to curate leads

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An idealist or Visionary, you have this brilliant idea, products or services and you're ready grow & scale your business

Special Offer

Get 10 hours social media management





price doesn't include logo and templates and is a one time offer can only be used one time per client on one account 1x per day 1 video


Working with Jae was amazing. She completed our admin tasks in such a short time. She is US based, so communication was exceptional. Will hire again soon!

ava lara marie

Real Estate Agent


Which package should I select if my business haven't launched?

Select the 90 days calendar package and receive free branding from our galley. if you would like to get something else we will work with you to connect you to a designer that can complete the work while we create your action plan

Do your provide 24/7 coverage? Do you take Late shifts?

Our system is designed to always show an online presence for you as needed. our office hours are Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 PM Est- no weekends. But your post are scheduled throughout the weekend and any urgent respond will be notified

What type of clients or industry to you specialize in?

I enjoy working with real estate agents, administrative clients, business owners, hairstylist, beauty professionals, local service based clients. I also work with health professionals such as insurance agents. empowerment groups, no profit org and more

Do you provide any coaching or training at this time?

I absolutely do! I love to teach others what I know. so rather you are looking to learn the end of social media yourself or if you are interest in becoming a virtual assistant I am here to help you pave the way! book a 1-on 1 coaching call

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We are always open online!

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“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” – Steve Jobs

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